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Achieve everything that you always wanted in your life through psychic readings!!

 Hello and Thank you for visiting my website. Welcome to the world of Transformation.

Psychic Reading is the best way to get direct and concrete answers to your problems. Psychic Readings is a mystical process which taps on the psychic powers of a Psychic and gives you the solutions you are searching for. Karmel Nair is ranked Number 1 by Google for “Psychic in Washington”  

Whatever may be your problem; Love, Career, Family or Success, Karmel Nair, through her psychic powers can get you direct answers.

Questions like: “Will I get married this year?”, “Does he/she love me?”, “What is hampering my promotion?” which cannot be answered by fields like astrology which give general solutions can be answered accurately by Psychics.

Karmel Nair believes that the things that you are destined to achieve, find you although you fail to seek it. Tarot is this spiritual journey and achievement for her. She therefore devoted herself to this subject contributing hours to its study and research materials and arrived at a thorough understanding of its powers and potential. In her quest for finding meaning and purpose in her life and the lives of people around her, her search took her into the realms of Tarot.

Today, Karmel is a professional Tarot Card Reader and an accomplished Numerologist with in-depth knowledge of both Tarot Card interpretations and Numbers. She interprets answers for people from all walks of life. Based in India, Karmel Nair frequently travels though she spends a lot of time in Washington and is primarily a Washington Psychic. She also spends a lot of time in India to draw in positive energies and rejuvenate herself to connect with higher powers.

She has been interviewed by numerous newspapers, magazines and has been a guest on various radio shows.

She can help you relate with yourself better and answer your questions that you seek answers to.


Name: Sharon Peters 
Designation: CPA, Manager Internal Audit 
Organization: Baskin & Robbins

Comments: Before meeting Karmel, I had met with 2 other tarot readers. However their prediction didn’t come true. I was not sure whether Karmel’s prediction would be true or not. But things happened, exactly as she predicted.
Most important thing is that, when I met her, she gave me positive thoughts. She awakend my power of positive thinking i.e law of attraction. That was the turning point of my life. I am taking benefit of the law of attraction in my daily life.
My friend also experienced the same thing when he met Karmel.
I am thankful to Karmel

Name: Pierce Reynolds 
Designation: Media Professional

Comments: I approached Karmel at a time when I really needed some counsel, a direction as to where I was headed towards. Since I don’t stay in Mumbai, I’ve never met her, only spoken on the phone, for both my sessions. However, I felt immediately connected, because she is so assuring and so good with her advice. More than a tarot reader, she’s a friend who one can rely on. Also, what’s really nice about her is she is extremely prompt and will reach out to you, no matter what, no matter where. She’s been very accurate with her predictions and I was quite surprised by what she revealed to me. Karmel, thanks so much for being there for me, at a time when I needed it the most. It has been such a pleasure knowing you.

Name: Sharmela Shetty
Designation: Administration Manager
Organization: Nippon Steel Corporation, Japan

Comments: I finished three readings with Karmel and all were extremely enriching for me. The tarot card sessions have helped me to get my answers to all of my questions.You are amazing, truly felt comfortable with you, and you totally ROCK! I was lost in direction when I came to you, I was unsure of what am I heading towards in my career. You have predicted couple of things for me which was amazingly accurate and just hoping to get a better job.Thank you for taking the time with me and also for the guidance and support.

To contact for a reading, please check the contact details below:

Call: +1-(973) 348-9305


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